May 2012

WOD Toys teaches children the art of fitness from the start

Workout as a family and stay fit and healthy from the very beginning

Every once in a while, a great product comes along that makes everyone smile. The WOD toy products will not only make you smile, they’ll also make you ask yourself, “What took so long?” These toys can truly be seen as the answer that everyone has been looking for.

Mothers everywhere have at some point wondered how to get children to be more active, some have even wondered how they can go about raising children to love fitness. WOD Toys have placed that elusive answer within reach. They have created work out products geared toward babies, toddlers and young children.

The baby line is similar to the older lines, except they are made of all cloth and is really meant to create familiarity. The set includes a Kettlebell, a barbell and a medicine ball. This line isn’t available until mid-July, so you may need to wait just a little bit longer to give your baby a new kind of toy.