March 2012

Three Smoothies that you should add to your weekly diet

Each smoothie offers separate benefits


Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to incorporate smoothies into your diet. They can be both refreshing and nourishing. A simple smoothie can provide nutritional benefits that your diet may lack. The following three smoothie recipes each have separate benefits, in addition to what they each provide.

Green Power Smoothie

Combine 1 cup chopped spinach, 1 banana, 1 scoop vanilla protein and 1 cup of grapes, preferably red, into a blender. Blend all ingredients until smooth. Both grapes and spinach are packed with antioxidants. They are also both known to fight cancer, improve vision and lower cholesterol. Additionally, spinach is known to boost the immune system. This particular smoothie is also a great way to sneak in some greens.

5 Mouthwatering Guilty Pleasures

salt, sugar you name it, I probably want it

In the world of constantly trying to eat healthy, watch calories and remain in control it’s only natural from time to time to want more. Everyone has that treat that they eventually crave. I’m even willing to bet that the following five foods are guilty pleasures that we all have succumbed to at some point.

Chocolate is certainly a favorite of many. It has called and even screamed my name on more than one occasion. It could be anything from a simple chocolate bar to a mocha and every once in a while I even enjoy a chocolate mudslide.

Have Fun And Be Yourself

Happy St. Patrick's Day All!!!

I am happy to say that I might grab some green beer here in a few hours but I wanted to make a statement about the idea of drinking heavily and the decisions that come along with it.

First off, I want you to know that no matter the amount of alcohol, that you are worth more than anything in the world.  Your worth is much more than you may realize.

Although this may not seem like words to speak before a nice night of hilarity at its finest in the bars, but it is something that each and every one of us needs to hear.

It is as simple as loving ourselves. That is why we must realize that when approached by any situation, we must think about how this affects us, whether it is for the better or for the worse, and why are we doing this in the first place.

Spring for the Better

Spring is on its way to springing whether we are ready or not.  However, I am very ready for a little sunshine.

But Spring can be quite a disappointing idea for some because that means that summer is right around the corner.  And summer, well summer means swimming and beach ready bodies(if you believe in such a thing).

So what does this mean for us.

Well usually this can be very intimidating for those that have gained weight while the sun was on hiatus.  I am not immune from this happenstance. 

As we close in on summer, we begin to hear more about the diets and the quick workout ideas so that we can look "bikini ready."

Although this idea of self prominence through the loss of weight is one that causes many eating disorders and psychological problems for people, we can use this push for the ultimate bod as one of encouragement.

Why not set a goal for yourself.  It doesn't mean go extreme and try to get those abs by the first day of summer.  What I mean is that you should try something new.  Try eating healthier or going for more walks.  Try losing a few pounds or decide to watch television.

It's Oreo's 100th Birthday

Forget the diet just for today, besides you deserve it

Take a break from the daily grind of dieting and go eat some Oreo’s. Eat any Oreo you want, double stuffed, strawberry milk shake or the original. Today is Oreo’s 100th birthday and the only way I want to celebrate is with a handful of Oreo’s and an ice cold glass of milk.

Pets and Our Life

Do you have a pet? And I don't mean in a creepy way, I mean a dog or cat or fish or something that you generally take care of?

There are many times when you hear people say that animals like dogs or cats can have helpful effects in a person's life.

So what do you think?

I believe that if you are lonely or you are having trouble with some aspect of life, an animal can help in certain situations.  I also believe that people have to be in the right state of mind to own an animal.  

Don't get me wrong, a pet is helpful in life and I believe that people should own a dog or cat at some point but when it comes down to it, mindfulness should be attained before dealing with animals.

From the Couch to the Gym in 4 Simple Stages

The natural way to better health

Throughout life most people will pass through numerous changes that will often lead to less gym time and often poor eating habits. Everyday men and women fight to reclaim their past healthy lifestyles or in some cases men and women are fighting with everything they have to make that initial change that will give them the healthy life that they have always wanted. There are 5 stages that will break through a sedentary lifestyle and will lead people to living a healthy life.