February 2012

Believe In Yourself and You Can Get Through Anything

You ever have one of those days or weeks and just wonder what you can do to shake that feeling?

It is probably the worst feeling that we can have.  It is lonely, heartachey, and impossibly challenging.  I have had many of those weeks in my short life.

What I have found with my own situations and with those situations that my friend's have told me about is that there is always going to be hope.  Cliche? Yeah, probably, but when it works, I'm down for trying anything.

In life, it becomes difficult to remain genuine and self loving when the world around you is falling apart or seems to be falling apart.  Alas, we have no control over the world or how people relate to each other.  

What we do have is control over our emotions and our lives.  So if something bothers us, let it out.  Talk to somebody.  Go sit under a tree.  Scream into a pillow.  Watch a sad movie and cry until the box of tissues has run dry.

There Is Always A Way Out

Do you feel as though you have been forgotten, that you are alone in the world, that maybe someday everyone will completely lose sight of you and you may drift off into the ethereal of nothingness?

I have felt that way and being prone to sadness or angst, it comes and it goes.  But there are ways out of that feeling.  I am telling you, whether you are young or old, that if these feelings catch you and it feels that they may never release you, you need to change something. 

Life can be complicated.  People may be self focused some days but you must realize that it is only because they are either feeling close to the same way as you or they have their own personal stresses to deal with.

I think the biggest and most irritating idea that takes over during times of unhappiness is the idea that no one will ever understand how I feel.

You Are Beautiful

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what happens when you can’t find yourself beautiful anymore?

This is a tough question and is the cause of many problems in many people’s lives because they feel ugly or fat or too skinny or whatever the problem, they just feel as though they have lost the will to like what they see in the mirror.

We can blame it on American society or fast food or whatever we want but when it comes down to it, it is our personal ideas that have become the instigator of such problems.  These ideas are implanted by our surroundings.  If we watch too many modeling shows or too many superficial television shows, we forget what the real world is like and begin to wonder if we are becoming uglier.

What we need to realize is that we are beautiful and if these feelings begin to arise we can always change those feelings.  There is always a healthy way to deal with such feelings toward ourselves.

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