January 2012

Death and Love

And the word is Death this week.

What a way to begin, right?

When it comes down to it, it is something that affects us all and yet we avoid it with everything that we have.  It is the drive to be fit and healthy while  also being the drive to create medicines that may keep us alive long enough to see something more.

In the ancient days, they strove to find ways to live forever.  Today we glamorize vampires and those that have the curse of immortality.

But when it comes down to it, death should be the real reason for living genuinely.  It isn't that we know what happens after we die but what if something does happen when we die. Many have told us stories of close encounters but we dismiss them.

So what should we take from the ever foreboding concept of death?

Does Winter get in the Way of Your Diet Goals?

A Solid Winter Diet and Fitness Plan

Each year I seem to eat right and follow a vigorous training schedule to ensure that my body is right where I want it to be, at an optimal level of health. That is until I get dead into the winter. As  a result of this happening one winter after the next, I have through the years tried to create a plan to get me through. Usually my plan works great, however even with the best plans winter can sometimes get in the way.

Is your diet healthy?

the difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet

I don’t know a single woman at any size that hasn’t at some point chosen to go on a diet. Some woman have gone on a diet to lose a substantial amount of weight whereas others have just wanted to lose an extra 10-15 pounds. Regardless of the amount of weight, the outcome was the same, a diet had to be chosen sometimes healthy and sometimes not so much.

My Low-Carb Diet Experiment

I have decided to test the low-carb diet and see if it helps me to lose weight. I tried this diet several years ago, and never got past the first three days because of a lack of energy. I was waiting tables at the time, so I had a much different lifestyle than I do now. I am now a writer, and need less physical energy to operate daily then I did when I had a more physical job. Another problem with my last low-carb diet attempt was that I was a vegetarian at the time. This made it extremely hard to stick to my diet. I could only eat eggs, vegetables, a few fruits, some faux-meats, nuts and fats. Yes, that led to a very boring daily eating plan. I now eat white meat and fish, so I have more options than I did back then. I also am older and wiser, so I think that will give me an edge this time. Here is what I have learned that I did wrong during my last low-carb experiment, and I will do differently this time around:

Do You Really Need to Lose Weight?

There are many men and women who are overweight based on traditional bodyweight measures but are very happy with their bodies and their weights. No one can tell someone how they should feel about their body. If someone is happy with their weight, whether over or under traditional weight standards, then that is what matters most. The only time that someone who is not of a standard bodyweight should be urged in the direction of losing weight is if their health or happiness is suffering because of their weight. Here are some signs that your weight is affecting your health or happiness: