December 2011

True Resolutions

It is as simple as living for the purpose of living simply

Are you excited for a New Year, a new beginning in the form of hopes and dreams that you may have pushed aside in the stress of 2011?

I sure am even if it is 2012 as foreboding as it may be.  I believe that a new year is like a washing clean of all those things you may have done wrong in the previous year.

But then again, it is also one of the most hopeful times because of the resolutions.  However, we all know that resolutions fall apart toward the end of January.

Can we play it differently this year though?  Can you or I make a decision to change something in life that may impact the rest of our lives instead of something that impacts our January temperament?

I believe we can even if it is something small.  But that could be the answer to the whole resolution problem.  People make these big complex resolutions like I want to lose a hundred pounds or I am going to be rich this year.

What we don't realize is that it is the small things that have the most affect on our lives and those that we come in contact with.  If we look at our weight loss as something big in the first place, we want it to happen all at once.  For example, if I say I'd like to lose 20 pounds while exercising more to get in better shape, I may start out strong on January 1.  But what happens is that by mid-January, if I haven't seen any results, my hopes drop and I begin to lose interest.

Sound familiar?

Genuine Gift Giving

Sometimes the best gift to others is the gift of a holiday lacking in drama

Hello all, this is another hopefully uplifting tune from the same old writer.

In this time of reasons for seasons, I ask you to be as genuine as possible because sometimes the best gift to others is the gift of a holiday lacking in drama.

That said, I sure hope your holiday is stress free but I know how it goes, no matter the time there is always going to be someone that has some trouble.  So why not be useful and lend an ear but try to be real.

Hope Through Friends

"A million lights of hope just waiting to be released from one’s soul"

In many ways, I don’t know where I would be without friends.  Yes, this may be one of the very many clichés perpetrated by many feel good magazines but to me, this is an essential truth in life.

I am fortunate to have many great friends.  But when it comes down to it, I think that maybe friends are more than people that share similar personality traits.  I believe that during an economic crisis like this, the best thing you can have is a friend to help each other through it.

When first moving to another city, I was hopeful in finding a new job to use my degree in.  My outlook was hopeful but the economy wasn’t and isn’t letting up from the relentless fire caused by deregulation.

Healthy Food is Expensive: Eating Healthy on a Budget

I have eaten healthy on and off throughout my entire life, and there is one thing that has remained consistent: healthier foods are often much more expensive than less healthy foods. The times in my life when I had the lowest income were also times in my life when I was the heaviest. Some of it is unavoidable; protein, for example, is an important part of any healthy diet, and most sources of quality protein are going to be expensive. This is one fact that I accept. Produce is also very expensive, which is why I imagine that so many families that have a low income are also overweight. Carbohydrates are cheap at the grocery stores and so are many fatty items.

Many processed "diet" items, such as low-calorie desserts and ice cream products have their prices cranked up for no reason, though. For example, Weight Watchers and Skinny Cow brand ice cream products are almost twice the cost of full-fat, full-sugar ice cream. There is no reason for this. For those who would like to eat healthy, but are also on a very tight budget, here are some tips for you:

Diets 101: Body for Life

A diet program that is also a challenge, why not take a chance and win some prizes with the weight

The Body for life diet is really more than a diet. It’s a 12 week diet and exercise program that if followed will teach you valuable lifestyle habits that you can use to stop the diet rollercoaster once in for all. This is the one diet that is also a challenge with various prizes for winning participants.

Birthdays and Being Real

"life is about being genuine to yourself"

Is it more genuine to express your birthday or keep it hidden?

I couldn't be more serious with this question.  I don't know who prescribes such things but I need a subscription.

Many people love to tell everyone their birthday is coming up and almost obsess about it.  And by doing this they create a public engagement for their "special" day.  Is this wrong or is this what we are supposed to do for our birthday?

Diets 101 The Atkins Diet

Four phases to victory or failure

There are many diets that people go on and off each day. Personally, I feel that it’s really just a matter of eating healthy food and exercising. In actuality I despise the word diet used in any form other than its original meaning of what people consume daily through their daily diet. That being said, I am starting an ongoing post that explores the specifics of each diet so that at the very least people can have a somewhat comprehensive understanding of whatever diet they are currently considering.

Tips for Avoiding Weight Gain This Holiday Season

The average American gains up to 7 pounds during the holiday season. It is no surprise with all of the fattening foods served at holiday gatherings and the Christmas cookies that are handed out left and right when visiting friends and relatives. While the holidays can be a time to relax on our diets a little and give in to indulgences, they should not be an excuse to have to purchase a larger size of jeans after it is all said and done with. Considering that I was ready to lose weight before the holiday season hit, I sure as heck do not want to put on even more weight that I will have to take off come New Year's Day. Here are some tips to enjoying this holiday season without having to invest in a larger belt this New Year's Day:

Childhood Obesity, is it Child Abuse or Neglect?

Have you been following the story of the 200 pound 8 year old boy that was taken away from his mother? I am disturbed and saddened by the severity of this story. Anyway way that I try to look at this story, I am left with one thought, that’s a large 8 year old who is certain to have the possibility of numerous health problems should his weight continue to climb.

What's Up With Relationships Today?

"for some reason, almost 90% (made up statistic) of politicians end up being adulterers along with celebrities and normal relationships."

What does it mean to be genuine anymore?  Do you know or have an idea?  I've lost my idea of who this society may actually be, not because of any hopeless feeling but because of certain aspects of American life being represented in a major way.

One of those is the idea of cheating.

This, to me, is one of the worst things you could do to a person.  If you want to be genuine, then you should never in all of your existence cheat on anyone you like, love, or are friends with.

However, for some reason, almost 90% (made up statistic) of politicians end up being adulterers along with celebrities and normal relationships.