November 2011

True Beauty

What happened to innocence?

Remember those days when nothing really mattered but imagining scenarios and hanging with friends.  Can we still be that innocent without being construed as crazy or immature.

Or maybe it is society that has turned us into something that we are not.  It is as artificial as plastic surgery.

Support the Self-Esteem Act

When young girls see images of photoshopped models in provocative poses, they tend to judge themselves based on this flawed imagery. It doesn’t matter that the images are not true, or that adults know that the imagery has been retouched and edited to eliminate flaws; if they are not aware of it themselves, children and teens are going to take those messages inside themselves and project them onto their own bodies as well as their views of the world.

Personally, I think photoshopping bodies to eliminate flaws in bodies should simply be eliminated. It’s one thing to, say, make a person into a demon to sell Halloween candy or something; it’s quite another to get rid of love handles, freckles, or even skin tone. I don’t see it being altogether outlawed anytime soon—though simply claiming false advertisement might help, as it has done in the United Kingdom—but the Self-Esteem Act could certainly make a difference.

The Low-Carb Diet: Does it Work?

Various versions of the low-carb diet have been around for many years now. They all have similar claims: limit your carbohydrate intake to less than 30 grams a day and you will automatically lose weight. While there have been many celebrities and "regular people" throughout the years who have lost weight on a low-carb plan, is it really as simple as it sounds? How does eating a small amount of carbohydrates make you lose weight? What are the side effects? Well, here is my take on this very restrictive diet.

Restricting “bad” carbs is never a bad idea. I consider “bad“ carbs to include pretty much only sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. On most low-carb diet plans, you must also restrict your intake of "good" carbs, including fruit, whole grains and even many vegetables. Any diet that restricts a person's intake of healthy fruit and vegetables has to be a bit of a gimmick, in my eyes.

Eat Chips and be Skinny

Eat some chips as part of your diet. Yes no question, I did in fact say to eat some chips as part of your diet.

As some of you probably know, I spend a great deal of time in the gym and am at times overly concerned about what goes into my body. It’s not that I’m a health-nut, it’s just simply that I work out too hard to eat just anything. As a result, I had spent a good deal of time wishing I too could have chips with my sandwich.

On one of my daily workout sessions, I ran into a friend of mine at the gym. After we worked out, we were sitting in the locker room and she pulled out a bag of chips and began eating. I was shocked to say the least. Seeing my confusion, she tossed a bag to me and I read through the nutritional information on the bag and instantly ripped open the bag so that I to could have a taste of my long desired chip.

Death and Being Real


It hurts.  No shiz, right?

But one thing that we forget is that it hurts those closest to the person who died than anything.  The problem that I find with funerals and people attending is the constant of "I'm sorry" and "if there is anything I can do" statements.  It's like a person steps into any death situation and they instantly turn into a liar or saint, and that goes for the person who died to.

I believe in remembering people for the best times but if the guy was a dick then maybe saying "he was the best person to everyone he met" is an overstep.  Tell it like it is.  Maybe no one is sad to see him go besides his Mother or maybe she is even like, "whoa this is probably for the best."  There is a situation for every death but we need to realize that being genuine is essential.

If I go to a funeral and say "if I can do anything, let me know," I might be overstepping my boundaries especially if I barely knew the poor bastard.  It's time to be straight forward, say "my condolences" if you don't know someone that well.  At least be proper and say what you mean.  If you are sorry, that's fine but sorry doesn't help soak up tears or stop the pain.  Offer to do something like go out or talk.  If anything, it is best to deal with death in the most straight forward and truthful way possible and you may even find a new friend through something that can be so painful.

The HCG Diet: Scam or the Real Deal?

A diet that was introduced decades ago by Dr. Simeons has been making a comeback among those trying to shed a few pounds of excess weight. It is called the HCG Diet. With this diet, you inject yourself daily with a prescription hormone injection called HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone that is naturally secreted by a woman's body during pregnancy.

The theory is that this hormone helps to release excess fat from a woman's body during pregnancy to ensure that the developing baby always has adequate nutrition, even if the mother encounters a time period of scarce food. When this hormone is injected into dieters, it is also said to help dull their appetite and keep them from being hungry. How this would help a pregnant woman, I have no idea, but it could explain why many women end up losing weight during their first trimester or pregnancy instead of gaining it. On the other hand, it could be all of that vomiting from morning sickness. Who knows?  The question is: Does this diet work?

Cut Calories with No Effort at All

I'm always looking for ways to burn calories and lose weight without trying, and luckily I have found a few different things that are clinically proven to help boost your metabolism. The best part is that you don’t have to do much, because your body is going to do all of the work for you.


The colder the better, and by putting a lot of ice in your drinks, or by chilling all of your beverages you are going to help your body burn calories. Your body has to work to get that liquid up to body temperature, and the entire time it’s working your reaping the benefits. Add ice to all of your drinks, eat popsicles, and turn the temperature down on your refrigerator.  The colder everything you eat, the better off you’re going to be.