October 2011

Diet Mania and It's Insanity

Stop, Breathe and Eat

Like many people I have tried and failed on my share of diets. Even when I wasn't actually dieting I would opt for fat free or sugar free options. Grocery shopping and eating became a chore. At times it seemed like nothing was ever enough to lose the weight I wanted to lose.

I did the only thing I could; I stopped the diet insanity, took a breath and learned how to eat.

I know, you're probably thinking why would someone need to learn how to eat or how would someone learn how to eat?

3 Cool Things I've Learned About Losing Weight

I seriously hate yo yo fad diets. In fact, I'm not a fan of the word "diet" when it is used to mean a method of losing weight. I have been over-weight by societal norms most of my adult life but for me dieting or losing weight is more about getting more healthy than it is about self-image.


I've learned that eating less is not the only way to lose weight. I've also learned that that sometimes things can be counter-intuitive (such as the first item on my list below). So here are 3 cool things I've learned about losing weight:


1. Coconut oil helps you lose weight. Yes, I know it's one of those much maligned in the media "saturated" fats but as it turns out in real research not funded by those who want you to believe this myth, saturated fat does not cause weight gain. In fact, coconut oil helps you lose weight. Go figure.

Obesity and The Scooter Epidemic

When it hurts to walk anymore because you are breathing too hard, then you should probably think about a diet.  That's just a hunch.

Yet, people have hopped onto their electric scooters(made for the elderly) and use them to get around.  "What a useful thing," they must think as they scoot their obesity around the store.

It is sad and I wonder why you would let it get to that point before you say, "hey, I'm really starting to feel like crap."

Personally, I can't see a point to it.  Is this a depression thing or an addiction to eating?

In a genuine way, I think that maybe if we could find an answer to that question, we could turn our country around.  But first, we have to pinpoint what the culprit is behind the act of overeating until a scooter is used to move.

Do You Love Your Body?

Have you ever criticized your body out loud or secretly thought negative thoughts about the way your body looks? I know that I have from time to time, though I try not to. This week I plan to do my own private version of a study that Glamour recently concluded where they had a group of women record every negative thought that they had towards their bodies, shockingly the results ranged from 13 to 100 unhealthy thoughts each day. I believe that I'll end up on the lower end, however who knows since I may very well have thoughts about my body that doesn't even register. 

Hopefully, this experiment will teach all of us to be aware of our negative thoughts and learn to accept our beauty at any stage in our lives. Too much emphasis has been placed on weight. There are women damaging themselves with eating disorders and also overtraining in the gyms all in an effort to be skinny. Let's not forget that there was a time when having a few extra pounds was considered skinny, now it seems as if being skinny at any cost is all the rage. Just looking at the endless diet and fitness products on the market, the at times terrifying fad diets and teenage anorexia trends proves the importance that have been placed on being 5 pounds less than everyone else. 

Genuine Words

The possibilities of positive speaking.


So here we go.  It's a new topic dealing with genuine parts.  Speech is probably the realest area that we should be focusing on.


Well, technically words are very expressive and influential things that may create or destroy depending on their subject.  Now this may seem a little vague because words and speech being real is like saying that dogs are furry.

What I mean is that we need to keep our speech to a respectable level like using our words to help, not hinder people.  Sometimes that means that we must be real or "keep it real" but it is never something that will be of no use in society.

Communication is genuine and one should always be truthful in their speech or when communicating with other beings because with speech comes beauty and we all want to look pretty good, right?

Eating Right And Fighting Those Fast Food Giants

I would talk about eating healthy here, but it would be highly hypocritical.

What I can tell you is that eating healthy is hard.  Plain and simple.

I've been struggling with it for many years now.  It could be the fact that I got in the habit of eating fast because it was easy and I was/am lazy when it comes to cooking.  Don't get me wrong I love to cook from steaks to random breakfast meals but there is a soft spot in my heart for that greasy food that comes from a drive thru window.


That is not being a good and healthy person.  This is not "genuine."  In fact it is lying to myself and telling my body that I don't care for it since cooking would entail too much time especially after a long day of working.

But now I am realizing that maybe eating healthy wouldn't be too difficult.  And I'm not saying to go Vegan because I don't feel like that would be the best thing to do.  There has always been a meat in our lives and our family line's lives.  All that I'm saying is that you should forego the fast food ease for a couple of home-cooked meals.

The more you add these things to your life, the easier it will be to feel better about yourself, ease the stress of your pocket book and finally let your body know that it is a priority over the television.  Oh and maybe a nice stroll through nature wouldn't hurt.  Wordsworth used to walk all over the place and his poetry(although not my style, Keats is much more to my liking) is wonderful.

Thanks for listening or reading loudly or not.