September 2011

Outside Beauty Reflects Inside Happiness

Today is different.  The cars are different, the music has changed, and it takes much more money to buy a candy bar than it used to in the yesteryears.  But one thing that has changed, probably for the worse is the idea of beauty.

I know, I know.  You think I'm gonna get preachy or something along those lines.

No, the idea of beauty changes all the time whether it is through skinny fads or showing skin or beards or gaged ears.  But one idea that has become popular in this millennia is the plastic enhancements.

I don't understand plastic surgery.  Plain and simple.  If I see a woman with a flat stomach and enormous fake breasts, I find myself stopping and wondering why.  Yes, I am male and do understand the affiliation for boobs, tits, melons, but I believe real is better, that nature intended something that is more perfect.

It's like altering a flower by adding plastic sparkles even though the flower is perfect just the way it is.  This is a stretch, but in essence I'm saying that men and women may be using plastic surgery for the wrong goal(unless needed like for severe cases and accidents).