March 2011


Convenience, where would I be without you? We live in a world where convenience comes at a cost, but I am finding more and more that with a busy lifestyle it is simply a price I am willing to pay. I have noticed more and more in the past few shopping trips that the prices at the grocery store by my house have been sky-rocketing. Produce, the healthiest option in the store is out of control, but I pay it because it saves me time and energy at home. There are quite a few lower cost places to shop and with the economy in the situation it is I think those stores are becoming more and more popular. (Aldis, Save A Lot, Etc.) It seems to me though that those places don't offer enough healthy options. Try going to local produce markets, not only are you supporting your community but sometimes you can find some really great deals on the season market items.

No Mudslide is Diet Safe

If you are overweight, or have ever been overweight you know that there is a constant war going on. The war is inside you, the war is also the public eye, and the war is also in the mirror.  The up and downs of dieting. I hate to use the term yo-yo dieting because I reserve that for the woman losing and gaining 10 pounds her whole life.  Many of us with larger amounts of weight to lose have joined and re-joined weight watchers a 100 times over. When does the light go on and when does it all finally click.

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Dealing with Having a "Man-anorexic" as a Friend

What goes through the minds of those who wish to lose weight the unhealthy way, via anorexia, is something I have a hard time grasping. The same friend that suffered a traumatic incident of attempted suicide wishes to be pre-incident thin again. I feel that the need to want to be thin was one of the factors, among others, that made want to jump four stories down in the first place. It’s an ugly and vicious cycle!