January 2011

Woes of a Foodaholic Part 2

I feel like the bigger you are the faster the weight should just fall off, but that is simply not true. I guess you cannot compare your journey to anyone else. I get frustrated when I hear the girl in front of me lose more than I do every week at my weigh in meetings, but I also know that sometimes slow and steady wins the race. (Yea, I just said that.) The first time down this road I lost 8 pounds in one week. Not so much this time. It has been a steady loss of 1 or 2 pounds or less per week. (And thanks to Christmas 2 gains that were a little bit larger than I would have liked.)

War of The Yogurts...

One of the greatest snacks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert in my opinion has always been yogurt.  Not only does it provide me with a great source of calcium, but I like the consistency, and the fact that I feel like I am really getting a lot to eat. If I throw in a little bit of fresh fruit and granola at breakfast, then I have a great looking parfait, and God knows there is nothing better than eating something that looks pretty, and tastes delicious.