3 Strange and Bizarre Diets

3 Strange and Bizarre Diets

The things people do to lose weight...

Diets have through the years gone through many changes. Many diets are healthy and can in fact help people to lose weight while promoting good health, however there have also been quite a few not so healthy and just strange and bizarre diets. The following three diets are bizarre diets that thankfully didn’t last.

Cotton Ball Diet

The Cotton Ball Diet consisted of as the name suggest eating cotton balls. It was believed that you could suppress your appetite by eating cotton balls. Though I certainly wouldn’t suggest eating cotton balls I can see how it probably would suppress your appetite since your stomach would be filled with fluffy cotton.

Tapeworm Diet

Yes it’s exactly what you’re thinking. You eat a Tapeworm and let it grow inside of you. Supposedly you lose weight since the tapeworm eats all of your nutrients, which by the way are needed to prevent malnutrition along with many other known benefits of good health. Besides, Wouldn’t that just mean that you in the end ate a lot calories that had zero nutrients?


The Fletcherizing diet is a strange rather disgusting diet that was popular around the turn of the century, early 1900’s. In this diet people needed to lean there head forward while they chewed there food exactly 32 times, which kind of sounds reasonable until the next step surfaces. The second step of this diet is to lean the head back and allow chewed food to slide down the throat, if food couldn’t slide down it had to be spitted out. Yes people on this diet were spitting out food at the table.