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Do You Really Need to Lose Weight?

There are many men and women who are overweight based on traditional bodyweight measures but are very happy with their bodies and their weights. No one can tell someone how they should feel about their body. If someone is happy with their weight, whether over or under traditional weight standards, then that is what matters most. The only time that someone who is not of a standard bodyweight should be urged in the direction of losing weight is if their health or happiness is suffering because of their weight. Here are some signs that your weight is affecting your health or happiness:

1. Your blood pressure is high. Having excess bodyweight can cause high blood pressure. Some people go on blood pressure medication instead of trying to lose weight to lower their blood pressure. Do you really want to take a dangerous medication when there is an all-natural remedy for high blood pressure? This all-natural remedy is often losing weight.

2. Your overall energy levels are low and there is no other medical reason to blame. You may become out of breath when performing simple day-to-day activities or simply cannot find the energy to do more than the absolute minimum during your day. This is a sign that you should try to lose a few pounds and see if that helps to improve your energy levels.

3. You are having joint pains that you did not have when you were lighter. Even a few extra pounds of bodyweight put extra stress on your joints, especially your knees. If you are overweight and having knee pain, shedding a few pounds may help to reduce or even completely relieve this pain.

4. You are suffering low self-esteem because of your weight. Unfortunately, people in today's society are very judgmental of very overweight people. This is unlikely to change anytime soon, even though it should. This leaves many people who are overweight very ashamed of their bodies and with low self-esteem. If shedding a few pounds makes you feel better about yourself, then why not try?