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Does Winter get in the Way of Your Diet Goals?

A Solid Winter Diet and Fitness Plan

Each year I seem to eat right and follow a vigorous training schedule to ensure that my body is right where I want it to be, at an optimal level of health. That is until I get dead into the winter. As  a result of this happening one winter after the next, I have through the years tried to create a plan to get me through. Usually my plan works great, however even with the best plans winter can sometimes get in the way.

One thing about winter is that creativity is the key to success. Let’s face it, going out in the cold isn’t on the top of everyone’s list of things to do. To combat this, we need be creative. I like to use my Kettlebell during the winter, it takes up minimal space and it provides a rather intense workout that combines cardio and strength training. I also tend to take advantage of workout tapes, however I’m picky. They absolutely have to be fun. One of my favorites is Hip Hop Abs, part of the Beach Body series.

A very common fact of winter is that there is less warmth and less sunlight, this can cause a decrease in energy. In fact it can even mimic pure laziness, a leading cause of ordering pizza. To prevent this, I cut several pounds of chicken into strips and sauté them in my wok. This allows me to freeze my already cooked chicken into recipe size portions or even single serving portions. When it’s time to eat, I grab some chicken, sauté in some veggies and then toss them into some whole wheat pasta and just like that I have an easy healthy meal that require minimal time to make.