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Lose Weight through Emotional Growth

leave guilt and poor habits behind forever
I hate to openly admit this, yet here I go. I love the show Biggest Loser, I’m not sure why, whether it’s specific or the whole show all put together all I really know is that I love it. Anyone who has ever seen the biggest loser knows that at some point in time the contestants will be given a temptation challenge.
Thinking back over the temptation episodes that have aired from one season to the next, I can recall that nearly each time the contestants were driven with fear to not eat. When a group or person chose to eat they were usually stricken by guilt. This guilt is often multiplied by their other team members hounding them over eating a cookie. 
These memories of past shows has me thinking, just how many people are plagued by this unnatural food guilt? I eat a cookie or two on occasion, sometimes pizza and even a juicy hamburger. I don’t eat these every day, though on occasion I enjoy a treat completely guilt free. 
So what determines an individual’s food guilt? Could it be fear of falling into old habits, societies influence or simply the feeling that months of hard work has been jeopardized? I strongly believe that the occasional cheat meal is healthy. Furthermore I believe that until a person faces their diet mentally any diet will fail them. Guilt is an extremely unhealthy emotion that can in fact sabotage a diet far worse than a hot fudge sundae. If people learned to accept that the occasional treat isn’t going to kill them, work on their self-image and bad habits then chances are that weight scale that is feared by many will finally begin to move in the right direction.