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3 Reasons that Diets Fail and how to Avoid them

Arm yourself with knowledge and lose all the weight that you want

Many women and men have at times needed to go on a diet. Unfortunately these diets tend to fail even though they did everything right. There are many reasons that diets fail, here are the top 3 reasons for diet failure.

Number 1 Reason

Deprivation is the top reason that diets fail. When you remove everything out of your diet and go day after day without it you inadvertently set yourself up for failure. The more you go without something, the more you’ll start thinking about it, eventually wearing out your willpower. When you finally give in you have the potential of overconsumption, which often leads to guilt and then an overall point of giving up.


Give yourself one free meal each week. Now I’m not saying to sit down and eat an entire pizza, just let yourself have a slice or two. Or you may want to have a slice of cake, it can literally be whatever you want it to be. Just have your free meal once a week, it’ll remove your temptation and having some extra calories, fats, carbs or whatever once a week isn’t going to destroy your hard work.

Number 2 Reason

Readymade diet food is a can sabotage a diet. Countless people buy and consume diet based food under the guise of losing weight. The problem with it is that to begin with it’s often not filling and can leave lingering hunger pangs. If that weren’t bad enough if you were to read labels for popular diet foods you’d find sugar and/or corn syrup, sodium and many other ingredients that you want to stay away from listed.


Stick to natural healthy foods. Eat what we were originally meant to eat and you’ll be eating unadulterated food. In the case that you’re out running errands and just can’t take a moment to read your labels and make sure that you have the knowledge to choose the healthiest choice.

Number 3 Reason

Unable to fight a plateau and gave up. Everyone at some point will hit a plateau. This is usually frustration, especially when it seems endless and is a very common cause of people giving up. Fortunately there are strategies to combat and break a plateau.


In an effort to prevent or if you’ve already hit a plateau there’s action that you can take to stay or get back on track. Plateaus are caused by the body’s ability to adapt. By changing workout sessions and eating habits you can be ahead of the game. Having your free meal will actually help to prevent your body from adapting to a specific daily consumption. As for exercising, sometimes it’s good to drop cardio and only weight train for a week, you can also do the opposite and drop your weight training and only perform cardio for a week. After a week your body will react as if it has new requirements and your plateau will begin to subside.