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Genuine Gift Giving

Sometimes the best gift to others is the gift of a holiday lacking in drama

Hello all, this is another hopefully uplifting tune from the same old writer.

In this time of reasons for seasons, I ask you to be as genuine as possible because sometimes the best gift to others is the gift of a holiday lacking in drama.

That said, I sure hope your holiday is stress free but I know how it goes, no matter the time there is always going to be someone that has some trouble.  So why not be useful and lend an ear but try to be real.

This season is like acid in a terrible environment.  Actually, acid in a mall during Christmas would be the worst idea.  So why not be the opposite of that reaction because sometimes being calm and cool is what your family or friends may need.  It goes without saying that everyone has a little trouble with the holidays but what they need is someone there to help them get through the days of monotony and agony from stressful driving or shopping.

What should be realized while pushing people down to get to the open cashier is that it really doesn't help to be acting this way towards others.  I mean, when you think of Christmas or any holiday, do you think of fighting or do you think of giving.  If you answer that you think of receiving or fighting, then you need to realize that maybe it is time to grow up.  This time is about giving without the idea of receiving.  If we are buying stuff just to get presents then why would we waste the time in giving it away.  Why not just buy for yourself since most times, if you haven't told anyone, the gifts you receive aren't the ones that you want.  But isn't that the idea.  You aren't receiving or giving anything but love. You are going to hang out with family and friends because you love them, not because they got you presents.  Why not enjoy a drink and share some laughs.

I think the best thing you can give is your company and hopefully make someone's day.  It is cheap but it is sincere so why not be genuine, forget the stress, and enjoy your time with everyone this season.