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Birthdays and Being Real

"life is about being genuine to yourself"

Is it more genuine to express your birthday or keep it hidden?

I couldn't be more serious with this question.  I don't know who prescribes such things but I need a subscription.

Many people love to tell everyone their birthday is coming up and almost obsess about it.  And by doing this they create a public engagement for their "special" day.  Is this wrong or is this what we are supposed to do for our birthday?

I believe in parties but I don't think going overboard for the "special me" party is needed.  Personally, I try to go through the whole day without anyone knowing.  It has become a game for me.  Maybe that's unhealthy.  I'm not sure but it seems to me that if you want attention so bad that you tell everyone to celebrate you birthday, you may as well talk to someone about something that you have hidden deep down.  Maybe it is a fear of something or other.

As for the other extreme of not telling anyone, I think maybe one should probably realize that it is alright to have some attention once and a while.

So pick the median this time.  Let people know that you care about and those you don't, well they will express themselves if needed but if not, who cares.

If anything, life is about being genuine to yourself, not selfishly but when it comes down to it, it is your birthday and you should spend it with people that really care.