Is your diet healthy?

Is your diet healthy?

the difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet

I don’t know a single woman at any size that hasn’t at some point chosen to go on a diet. Some woman have gone on a diet to lose a substantial amount of weight whereas others have just wanted to lose an extra 10-15 pounds. Regardless of the amount of weight, the outcome was the same, a diet had to be chosen sometimes healthy and sometimes not so much.

There are many healthy diets that allow the dieter to consume an adequate amount of food. These diets will also usually provide a wide range of food, ensuring that the dieter gets a healthy balanced meal at each meal. A healthy diet will also concentrate on eating the right kinds of food, healthy fats, healthy carbs and lean proteins.

All too often the dieter isn’t given a healthy balanced diet on a unhealthy diet. This in turn is rather damaging health wise and emotionally. Restricting specific foods can damage a person physically, they may feel fatigue and can in some cases develop deficiencies. When a unhealthy diet ends, the pounds that were lost seem to come back quicker, mainly a result of too high of a weight reduction. This can cause a whirlwind of emotional baggage, it can damage confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

To make sure that you are about to start a healthy diet and not a unhealthy diet take a moment to evaluate the diet. Is the diet taking away a regular part of eating? Is the diet making claims of unheard of weight loss statistics? These are signs of an unhealthy diet. In contrast a healthy diet will concentrate more on lifestyle eating that restrictions and claims.