The worst diet foods

The worst diet foods

Seemingly healthy yet misleading diet foods that should be avoided


Have you ever considered the type of food you reach for when you enter into the diet world? Often people have false confidence in believing that this food or that food is a good food choice. This is primarily a result of high paid advertising gurus.

Yogurt is a common food that dieters pick with the assumption that yogurt is a healthy snack. In actuality, yogurt on its own has 15-16 grams of sugar. Add on common yogurt additions such as added fruit and flavorings and you’re looking at an additional 15 plus sugar grams. In comparison, two Little Debbie Swiss Rolls contain 27 grams of sugar.

Fat-free foods often gain popularity for dieters. The problem is that more often than not when fat is removed, sugar is added and the same is true for sugar-free foods, fat is often added to sugar-free foods to replace the sugar. Some diet foods our better than others, the best thing when choosing a fat free or sugar free food is to take the time to read the label.

Vinaigrettes have been pushed as a healthy diet friendly alternative to creamy salad dressings. In actuality most vinaigrettes have just about the same amount of calories and fat that creamy dressings have. The one rule breaker to this is that balsamic vinaigrette is lower than the other vinaigrettes so it may be the best salad alternative.


The best way to avoid eating foods that can sabotage your diet efforts is to stop and think before you eat. You may also want to try this short experiment that really opened my eyes awhile back: Spend two weeks reading labels when you go shopping. You’ll be amazed at the deception that exists in seemingly healthy foods.