True Resolutions

True Resolutions

It is as simple as living for the purpose of living simply

Are you excited for a New Year, a new beginning in the form of hopes and dreams that you may have pushed aside in the stress of 2011?

I sure am even if it is 2012 as foreboding as it may be.  I believe that a new year is like a washing clean of all those things you may have done wrong in the previous year.

But then again, it is also one of the most hopeful times because of the resolutions.  However, we all know that resolutions fall apart toward the end of January.

Can we play it differently this year though?  Can you or I make a decision to change something in life that may impact the rest of our lives instead of something that impacts our January temperament?

I believe we can even if it is something small.  But that could be the answer to the whole resolution problem.  People make these big complex resolutions like I want to lose a hundred pounds or I am going to be rich this year.

What we don't realize is that it is the small things that have the most affect on our lives and those that we come in contact with.  If we look at our weight loss as something big in the first place, we want it to happen all at once.  For example, if I say I'd like to lose 20 pounds while exercising more to get in better shape, I may start out strong on January 1.  But what happens is that by mid-January, if I haven't seen any results, my hopes drop and I begin to lose interest.

Sound familiar?

It is a sad fact that we think in terms of now when it is the journey that is the real gift as the Taoists would say.  So why not try changing something small like smiling more or skipping fast food for lunch or even drinking more water.

If you start with something like that where it is easy enough to keep going without noticing much difference, you may just find yourself in June thinking wow, I haven't eaten fast food for lunch for 6 months and have saved hundreds of dollars, now I can take that trip back home or to some historical site.

It is as simple as living for the purpose of living simply.  One step is all we need because that one step leads to the goal we didn't realize we had challenged ourselves to complete.