There Is Always A Way Out

There Is Always A Way Out

Do you feel as though you have been forgotten, that you are alone in the world, that maybe someday everyone will completely lose sight of you and you may drift off into the ethereal of nothingness?

I have felt that way and being prone to sadness or angst, it comes and it goes.  But there are ways out of that feeling.  I am telling you, whether you are young or old, that if these feelings catch you and it feels that they may never release you, you need to change something. 

Life can be complicated.  People may be self focused some days but you must realize that it is only because they are either feeling close to the same way as you or they have their own personal stresses to deal with.

I think the biggest and most irritating idea that takes over during times of unhappiness is the idea that no one will ever understand how I feel.

Don’t let that get to you.  You should tell somebody.  It helps more than you will know.  When your friends have time, let them know that you need to talk.  What you will be surprised to find is that they may have had similar experiences.  We begin life and end it alone but in between we are blessed with family and friends for the simple reason that they are going through the same thing even if it may not seem like it in the depths of that despair.

Just remember, life can be complicated but you are never alone, no matter where you are(unless Antarctica).   So hold your head up, smile, and know you are beautiful.  Oh and call your friend, because they may need to know that you are always there for them too.