Spring for the Better

Spring for the Better

Spring is on its way to springing whether we are ready or not.  However, I am very ready for a little sunshine.

But Spring can be quite a disappointing idea for some because that means that summer is right around the corner.  And summer, well summer means swimming and beach ready bodies(if you believe in such a thing).

So what does this mean for us.

Well usually this can be very intimidating for those that have gained weight while the sun was on hiatus.  I am not immune from this happenstance. 

As we close in on summer, we begin to hear more about the diets and the quick workout ideas so that we can look "bikini ready."

Although this idea of self prominence through the loss of weight is one that causes many eating disorders and psychological problems for people, we can use this push for the ultimate bod as one of encouragement.

Why not set a goal for yourself.  It doesn't mean go extreme and try to get those abs by the first day of summer.  What I mean is that you should try something new.  Try eating healthier or going for more walks.  Try losing a few pounds or decide to watch television.

Whatever your choice or idea, make it count for you, make it something that you have always thought might be nice, nothing too big or too small that you don't notice.  This is a practice in implementing new lifestyle changes while remaining comfortable with who you are as a person.

Try starting this next week even.  And once summer comes around, if you have kept up with your plan to change something, give yourself a reward.  Make sure to let yourself know that you are responsible for this victory and that you are amazing because that is who you are.  So why not bask in it for a while!