McDonalds gets richer and America gets bigger

McDonalds gets richer and America gets bigger


We have an ongoing obesity problem that leads to numerous other medical problems. Our children are continuing to get bigger and bigger as are many adults. These are known facts that most of us have witnessed at least in some degree.

Knowing the severe consequence of eating poorly, McDonalds has reported that U.S. sales are up 8.9 percent, nearly double that of Europe which only rose 5 percent. We have to ask ourselves why this figure rose to such degree. Is it that we have given in, do we need more proof or is it that people are succumbing to lessening the U.S. dollar?

Certainly we don’t need more proof. It’s entirely possible that people have given in, though not in the sense of acceptance. What seems to be more likely is that people are giving in to poor quality food to save a buck. In actuality, nothing is being saved. People simply believe the lie.

What lie? The lie that they are eating food that may give them a few extra calories, yet it’ll also give them what they need. McDonald’s food lacks the nutrients that standard food provides. Yes, they do have a hamburger for $1 if you can call it that. It’s filled with sodium; people drink more to combat the excess sodium and the added liquid mimics’ fullness. In actuality, when that "meal" passes, hunger remains.

Even if a hamburger is only $1, people aren’t really saving that much. There are plenty of costs saving meals that can be made at home. Cost-saving meals can help save money, provide nutrition and fight obesity. There is no excuse for McDonald’s growth at the cost of America’s growth; it is up to each and every one of us to make the right decision.