It's Oreo's 100th Birthday

It's Oreo's 100th Birthday

Forget the diet just for today, besides you deserve it

Take a break from the daily grind of dieting and go eat some Oreo’s. Eat any Oreo you want, double stuffed, strawberry milk shake or the original. Today is Oreo’s 100th birthday and the only way I want to celebrate is with a handful of Oreo’s and an ice cold glass of milk.

Some people are going all out with this birthday celebration. People are singing in the name of Oreo, making elaborate sculptures and even eating them with no hands. I’m not quite that talented, all I can do is lick the cream off the cookie and then dunk the cookies.

Just in case you’re a little nervous about eating cookies or you feel cynical about Oreo making people fat for 100 years I’ve done a little research. Oreo cookies aren’t too bad in the grand scheme of things. Oreo’s have 160 calories per serving of 3 cookies. This is not too bad when compared to seemingly healthy cookies such as the Kashi Oatmeal and Chocolate that packs 130 calories for one cookie.

I will admit that in general I don’t eat cookies, however I do have a chocolate indulgence that I will turn to during those times when I just want some chocolate. I like the Vita-tops double chocolate muffin tops, I think they’re plenty sweet and they’re only 100 or 110 calories. My Vita-top will have to wait, for today on this special Oreo Birthday I’m eating Oreo’s and I’m going to Love it, it’ll be like I’m a kid again.