From the Couch to the Gym in 4 Simple Stages

From the Couch to the Gym in 4 Simple Stages

The natural way to better health

Throughout life most people will pass through numerous changes that will often lead to less gym time and often poor eating habits. Everyday men and women fight to reclaim their past healthy lifestyles or in some cases men and women are fighting with everything they have to make that initial change that will give them the healthy life that they have always wanted. There are 5 stages that will break through a sedentary lifestyle and will lead people to living a healthy life.

Stage One

The only thing that you’ll be doing during stage one is taking small steps. Whether you’re trying to regain a healthy lifestyle or your trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle for the first time you need to look at this stage as a learning curve. You’ll basically be rewiring the way that you think about losing weight.

Don’t concentrate on dieting or exercising. Evaluate your fitness level and diet and make one little change to each. If you eat a lot of sugar start this stage by removing one sugar option, this could be no longer putting sugar in your coffee or eating your breakfast without a sugar option.

Adding fitness at a slow rate is also a simple process. Start by just taking a few minutes to walk to the end of your block and back. Don’t worry about how little you’re exercising, just concentrate on making a single effort to do one thing and one thing only.

Stage Two

Expand on stage one. During stage two you really will just be increasing what you’re already doing. Make a few more changes to your diet, eliminate more of your sugar intake and continue making eliminations until you’ve fully broken your sugar habit.

During this stage you’ll also be increasing your fitness amount. Begin by walking a couple blocks pass the end of your street and continue until you’re walking an adequate distance. You’ll also want to increase your walking speed, just walk a little faster each week until you can feel your exertion level increase.

Stage Three

You’re probably really starting to feel better and you have probably even begun to drop a few pounds around your waistline. Now you’re ready to start seeing your progress. At this point you can start evaluating your diet and fitness plan for potential things you may want to change.

How many total carbs do you eat? Are your fat grams below 30? Is there a certain food that you crave  or over consume? These are the types of question that will show you firsthand what adjustments your diet may need. Think of ways to replace your less than perfect food choices, if absolutely love pasta then try switching over to whole wheat pasta or maybe you can try out eggplant parmesan for one of your pasta dishes.

Your fitness will take a bigger turn during this stage. If you’re really enjoying your walking then keep it up, just add a few things for intensity. You may want to consider finding an obstacle course that you can go through or another option is to carry some light hand weights, as you progress begin lifting your weights up and down into curls as you progress to the end of your walk.

Stage Four

The final stage is the stage that never ends, you’ve regained or achieved a healthy lifestyle. The only changes that you’ll continue to make is switching up your fitness, as you continue to get healthier you can try out new forms of exercise; lift more weights, try out new cardio sessions or join that class you’ve always wanted to take part in yet also always thought you couldn’t succeed and therefore never tried. Your diet during this stage will also continue to change. This is a time when you can try new food choices. You may want to try out new recipes that incorporate healthy choices into cuisine classics.

By taking your time and going through small changes throughout select stages you’ll be able to evolve into a healthy lifestyle. As you come closer and closer to your final stage you’ll realize that your past unhealthy habits have dissipated naturally. When your body and your mind changes naturally you’re more likely to hold onto your success.