Death and Love

Death and Love

And the word is Death this week.

What a way to begin, right?

When it comes down to it, it is something that affects us all and yet we avoid it with everything that we have.  It is the drive to be fit and healthy while  also being the drive to create medicines that may keep us alive long enough to see something more.

In the ancient days, they strove to find ways to live forever.  Today we glamorize vampires and those that have the curse of immortality.

But when it comes down to it, death should be the real reason for living genuinely.  It isn't that we know what happens after we die but what if something does happen when we die. Many have told us stories of close encounters but we dismiss them.

So what should we take from the ever foreboding concept of death?

We should realize that we are mortal(tough for younger folks though) and that although we may not realize it, we have a chance to do something great and genuinely amazing while we are a part of the world.  We can live the best way possible.  We can love even when others seem to hate.  That is the toughest thing to do.  We see hate and want to counter it with anger but when it comes down to it, and as I see it, if we forgive and love right away, it saves us the trouble of having to regret later in life.

Imagine those worry lines that would never occur if you love those around you and don't let those worries get to you. So why not ease up on the hate or anger and let a few things ago.  It may be tough but in the end it may make your life a whole lot better, and maybe your death too(but who knows).