Death and Being Real

Death and Being Real


It hurts.  No shiz, right?

But one thing that we forget is that it hurts those closest to the person who died than anything.  The problem that I find with funerals and people attending is the constant of "I'm sorry" and "if there is anything I can do" statements.  It's like a person steps into any death situation and they instantly turn into a liar or saint, and that goes for the person who died to.

I believe in remembering people for the best times but if the guy was a dick then maybe saying "he was the best person to everyone he met" is an overstep.  Tell it like it is.  Maybe no one is sad to see him go besides his Mother or maybe she is even like, "whoa this is probably for the best."  There is a situation for every death but we need to realize that being genuine is essential.

If I go to a funeral and say "if I can do anything, let me know," I might be overstepping my boundaries especially if I barely knew the poor bastard.  It's time to be straight forward, say "my condolences" if you don't know someone that well.  At least be proper and say what you mean.  If you are sorry, that's fine but sorry doesn't help soak up tears or stop the pain.  Offer to do something like go out or talk.  If anything, it is best to deal with death in the most straight forward and truthful way possible and you may even find a new friend through something that can be so painful.