5 Mouthwatering Guilty Pleasures

5 Mouthwatering Guilty Pleasures

salt, sugar you name it, I probably want it

In the world of constantly trying to eat healthy, watch calories and remain in control it’s only natural from time to time to want more. Everyone has that treat that they eventually crave. I’m even willing to bet that the following five foods are guilty pleasures that we all have succumbed to at some point.

Chocolate is certainly a favorite of many. It has called and even screamed my name on more than one occasion. It could be anything from a simple chocolate bar to a mocha and every once in a while I even enjoy a chocolate mudslide.

Chips are at times exactly what my body wants. This isn’t necessarily as regular as chocolate though regardless there are times when I just need a little bag of chips. It may even be nostalgic, like some lingering comfort from my teenage and college years.

Lasagna is definitely a mouthwatering guilty pleasure. It’s something that has been taboo in the diet world for quite some time with understanding considering the high calorie, carb and fat content. It’s could definitely be considered a comfort food in that it’s both warm and filling.

Corn Dogs are one of my guilty pleasures, though not just any corn dog. I specifically am drawn to corn dogs at the fair or other similar events. This again could easily be mental in that I might somehow connect corn dogs with be out having fun and riding rides.

Bacon cheeseburgers are definitely mouthwatering. They could easily become a continuous temptation. In fact, I would gladly eat a burger, specifically a bacon cheeseburger several times a week if I didn’t secretly fear the enormous consequences that would come with eating bacon cheeseburgers 3 or 4 times in a week every week.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? They could be just like mine or completely different. I will be waiting to hear how similar our guilty pleasures are.